Posted by: endithinks | March 27, 2008

On updating your skill set

A vast majority of adults in America are now reentering the educational field.  some estimates put the figure at nearly 59%of adults are in some sort of educational program whether that be a vocational or trade school, university or community college. 

The fact of the matter is that people in America change careers and jobs quite frequently.  Gone are the days where someone diligently works for the same company for 30 odd years retires with the companies retirement accounts and pension filling their mailboxes and white picketed fence houses and running lap dogs abound.  Now you have to compete with others of your ilk who are out looking for a new career that will not only satisfy, but pay the bills.

The challenges facing adult students are many, but so are the rewards.  changing and  growing is what being a human is all about.  “If you do not adapt you die.”

I had a student today who was “typing” at the computer in the most agonizingly slow and awkward manner.  This student had not been in school for quite some time and was readjusting poorly to the rigors of the program.  The typing and lack of knowledge about basic computer commands and skills were merely the symptoms of a person who did only what they needed to do to have a job and not challenge themselves to better themselves in a career.

This student is courageous and I have the utmost respect for those that are entering into a new stage in their adult life; my only concern is that they are not ready for the challenges that face those that are not keeping up with the times.

Ones skill set does not need to be cutting edge, but it does need to be at least a butter knife.  One cannot afford now a days in any profession to simply sit on their laurels and punch in and punch out every day.  You must have a plan to better your skills, to learn something new every day and to enhance your reputation with not only your coworkers but also your supervisors and maybe even more surprisingly your customers.


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