Posted by: endithinks | March 20, 2008

On Straightforwardness

It is refreshing to see a public figure make comments and discussions about a topic that is both powerful and deeply ingrained in our society be straightforward.

I’m talking of course about the Obama speech on race in America that occurred a few days ago.  This speech was an important one that has needed to be given for the past 140 odd years.  The speech did not make claims of being the end all be all, but an invitation to discuss the issues that we still need to work on.

America is the most diverse and forward thinking country in the world.  I believe with all my heart that we have the will and the ability to change and also the strength to remember our past.  We have made huge strides in this country in regards to ethnicity, gender relations and other discriminatory issues.  We are on the right path, an upward path that is still filled with divots and ruts, but a path that we have been marching since the days of the rebels who signed a declaration declaring to the world that they were not going to be a part of the most powerful kingdom on the planet anymore.

We still have a ways to go, but we are making progress, amazing progress. 


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