Posted by: endithinks | March 13, 2008

On appropriate lunch break topics

The lunch break is a potentially dangerous time for a professional if they are eating in the presence of their coworkers.  The conversations that can arise sometimes stride the line of appropriateness and sometimes kick the line laughing as it curls up into a ball and whimpers.

Lately some topics have entered the employee break room that is causing me to pause and really consider how much I can censor my fellow employees. 

For example yesterday we were talking about signs that students may have some deep seeded emotional problems and the topic started to include animal cruelty.

Now research has shown that those that end their criminal career as murderers nearly always start by harming animals.  There is very strong evidence that the criminal starts off with animals and then progresses to humans.

Any person that is overtly cruel to animals as in harming them purposefully and killing them has some deep seated emotional problems.  These problems will cross over to human cruelty if they are not corrected or caught in time.

Cruelty in any form is wrong and needs to be stopped as soon as possible as the damage you are doing to others damages you as well.

The conversation in the break room then started to dip into the life of a cannibal mass murderer.  That is the line that need not have been crossed. 

I quickly changed the subject in a very obvious manner, but the rest of the staff sitting and eating lunch appreciated it.

Topics such as: politics, sexuality, religion, promotions, and gossip are topics that should be avoided at all costs even if the break room or gathering places are behind closed doors. 

The break room is very challenging not to let your professional guard down, but it is not an exception to the way you should behave whenever you are in uniform or in any way shape or form representing the company for which you are working.


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