Posted by: endithinks | February 21, 2008

On Debates and “Negativity”

It is no question that the race for president has heated up since Super Tuesday.  Today I just read that Obama has won the Democratic Americans Abroad delegates (nearly 20K Americans voted) with a 65 percent snatch of their votes.  This along with Hawai’i and Wisconsin makes it the 11th straight victory for the senator from Illinois.

The news and CNN has been on in my house pretty much non stop since the elections started in general since around late December or so.  CNN has lately been saying that the race between Clinton and Obama has been turning “Negative.” 

I disagree completely.  As the race struggles on the tone of the race has for the most part been surprisingly civil.  There have been a few barbs passed back and forth but for the majority of the race it has been strictly based on the differences and the policies between the two.  I’m very happy about this as perhaps this will show that politics does not have to be about attacks and insults.  Personally I hate attack ads and think it is very immature and childish.  Attacks don’t tell me anything about what the candidate will do just what the other is bad at or their shortcomings.  I don’t want a candidate whose only ideas about beating their opponent is a twist on the “my dad can beat up your dad.”

The debates are tonight and I am hoping that the tone will still be respectful although I think that Clinton will try to crank up Obama’s emotions to try to lure him into a mistake.  she has lost 11 contests in a row for pity’s sake.


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