Posted by: endithinks | February 4, 2008

On Superbowls and Clean Coal

I was excited that the Superbowl was such an exciting and exhilarating game.  I went into the game with the thought that as long as it was a game based not on blistering offense and high scores, but defense, strategy and tried and true methods of footballyness, I would be happy. 

I was not disappointed.  Both teams put on an impressive display of football martial skill.  I was very much happy with the way the game played out.

On a completely unrelated note I have started seeing “Coal” commercials on the television that leave me asking “What should I do with this information?”  The commercials are talking about the wonders of coal and how it is like totally hip and the new kid on the block and zomg you should have seen it at the mall and what was it thinking when it wore that to the movies are you serious?  I sit and think about what they want me to do with this new sensation coal.  They want me to forget the years of pollution and lung disease and coal miners trapped under the earth for this new breed of the party animal “Clean Coal.”  Am I supposed to invest in fossil fuels now?  Is that what they want me to do with their advertisement campaign?  Am I supposed to go out and slap a tree hugger for asking for clean sustainable energy now?

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