Posted by: endithinks | January 24, 2008

On Esl

A student of mine does not speak English as her first language and she is running into some prejudice from some other instructors here at the school.

It is unfair that people believe that a second language learner is automatically in a bad position to learn.  They have already taken a huge step showing their dedication and interest by learning an additional language in the first place.  How many “purist” do not even speak their own language with good command let alone another separate language?

We have to be supportive and understanding and show them the proper respect that they deserve.  How much courage and tenacity must it take to learn something completely alien to yourself and thrive and continue making yourself better.

Adjusting a teaching style to include more time, less complicated vocabulary, visuals if possible and extra help to assist are all necessary to ensure they have the chance they need to succeed.

It is a challenge, but a good challenge.    Besides the United States does not have a national official language.  So any language a student uses should be acceptable.  That of course is a bit impractical but if we really stop and think about it it is not impossible.


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