Posted by: endithinks | January 10, 2008

On Short Stories 1-10-08

( A continuation first started on 1-4-08 not edited.)

Ginny scraped the pot over the garbage disposal with his right hand.  The boiled potato parts stuck to the bottom of the pot charred and useless.  Ginny grabbed a wooden spatula and started to rake it across the crusted bottom muttering under his breath.

“Ginny!  We need that pot up ear!  What ya doing back dare?  Making love to it?”

Ginny scraped harder his mutterings starting to form phrases and sentences most of them sailoresque.

The man outside rolled over and his elbow smashed into a pile of sharded bottle parts.  He woke up with a yelp the pain shooting up his left arm and resting in his chest.

“Sweet mudder….sweet mudder.  Christ.”

He held his wounded elbo close to his body cradling it in his hand.  He sat up leaning against the restaurant wall and stared at the red wound.  The brown bottle pieces stuck out at angles making almost a pattern that looked like a bullseye.  He held his arm up and started to pick out the pieces wincing with every pluck until they lay on the ground darkened and jagged. 

“Sweet mudder…”

He kicked at the glass with his foot.  He then pulled on his long coat that he had been using as a blanket and gritted his teeth as the damp cloth slid over his hurt elbow.  He padded the coat over his elbow pressing the material hard over the wound and yelling out.

“Mudder…” he took in a breath hissing.

He leaned back the back of his head resting against the cold, rough brick his eyes closed and held his arm.  His hand reached up to his neck and started scratching at the coarse graying beard and rubbing his fingers on his adam’s apple.

“Ch-ch-changes.  Ch- ch- changes,” he slurred his head beginning to sway to his own rthym.  His other hand started thumping the ground.


Ginny pulled off his apron, crumpled it into a ball and dropped it onto the floor near his locker in the employee room.  he started unbuttoning his long white overcoat when the sheet that served as a door flapped aside and Lucy walked in.

Ginny’s hands dropped to his sides and he smiled.  Lucy stepped past him smoothing her hair back from her face.  She had just straightened her hair in a chemical burning process that cost her 150 dollars and she touched it as much as possible.

“Hey,” said Ginny.

“Hey.  You off now?”

“Yeah just got done.   You just coming in eh?”



“So how is the new shift working out?”

“It’s not bad.  You know same slough in a different sty.”

“So you are admitting that you’re a pig?”


“Okay…well, uh have a good day I guess.”


Ginny pulled his backpack from his locker and slung it over his shoulder.  he walked out looking back at Lucy who was just bending over to put her stuff in her locker on the floor.  He stopped.

“Uh… hey you should try to shift your shift too.  We could get the band back together,” he said.

“Blues Brothers?”  She stood up and looked at him a slight smile on her face.

“Yeah best I could do on my feet.  Heh.”

“So you’re saying you are wittier laying down?”

“No, on myspace.”


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