Posted by: endithinks | January 9, 2008

On Returns and the king

So the title is a bit misleading as it usually is.  Today we are wrapping up the HIV curriculum and as usual I have a student who couldn’t care less.

Motivating students has always been my Achilles’ knuckle.  I want every student to be as fired up and excited as I am and most of them are.  Most of them are roaring and snarling with excitement, but those few that are not, those few that are nodding and apathetic get into my neck and start tightening my airways.

I am reminded of a parable that I actually like (rare!) about a shepherd that has 99 friggin sheep chilling and then goes off to search for the one that is missing.  I don’t know why I crook my staff and go searching for the lost lamb when I have a slew of perfectly healthy and woolly companions just waiting for a word or two.  I’m not an egomaniac; I know that my students don’t look up to me with dew in their eyes (Bambi eyes) but at least they are taking what is offered in an active manner.


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