Posted by: endithinks | January 4, 2008

On Short stories 1-4-07

(The following is a flash fiction that is not edited.  I am writing from the hip.)

“Around the corner fudge is made.  Around the corner fudge is made,” the man muttered as he sifted through the recycle bin outside the Italian restaurant.

“Heya get outta here!  Go scrounge somewhere else ya biddy bastid.”  Ginny yelled.

He flipped a towel towards the man as he continued to curse and gesticulate.  “Lousy lazy bums always taking my bottles.”  Ginny always gathered the bottles and took them to the local recycle center himself for some extra cash.  Good tipping cash that could be. 

“Around the corner!  The corner!”  the man said grabbing the large wine bottle and putting it to his lips testing the edges for any shape or size of amber goodness. 

Ginny tried to grab it out of his hands but the man was nimble and turned his back to Ginny making shooing motions with his free hand while muttering about fudge.

“Hey hey!”  Ginny said giving him a final up flip of his hands.  He walked back into the restaurant and walked by the sink splashing water on his hands and wiping down his apron.   He picked up a chef’s knife and started chopping the onion that he had started before he heard the ruckus from the recycle bins outside.

“Buddy you supposed to be dicing not slicing.”  The sous-chef yelled over the pot of soup he was stirring.

“Yeah yeah.  Why don’t you keep stirrin'” Ginny said cutting thin slices into the walla walla onion.

“Dicing as you should know does not involve thin slices.”  he said sipping from the stirring spoon.

“And cooking don’t involve yapping.  You should look to that.”  Ginny said swiping the onions into the preparation bin.

The sous-chef put the spoon down and wiped his hands on a towel.  He turned and grabbed a leak and started washing it.

“Around the corner…heh that’s pretty funny actually.  Doesn’t that got something to do with milk and lemonade?”



  1. This story is interesting. I thought it would be more about the man muttering fudge than Ginny. I didn’t understand the last sentence reference however.

  2. It is a reference to a off color children’s rhyme.

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