Posted by: endithinks | December 31, 2007

On Vacation Time

Today is the last day of the year and a year that will be remembered for a various amounts of reasons.  I will now make a top ten list like everyone else who exists at this time. 

The top ten things I’ve learned in the year 2007.

10.  Credit Cards are not evil; they just dabble in the dark arts if you let them get their rituals started.  Pay them back sooner rather then later.

9.  Rain and unpreparedness equal floods and disaster.

8.  Christmas will start being advertised in June.

7.  Job hunting is the worst type of hunting in the world.  The prey is elusive, cunning and tireless.

6.  An amazing interview can unlock nearly any doors.

5.  Reflection is a major stimulator of personal growth.

4.  Television without writers…equals a realization that most television is very very bad quality.

3.  The more novels you read the more you want to read.

2.  Movies in the theatres are really a diversion, not entertainment.

1.  Time does speed up as you get older. 


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