Posted by: endithinks | December 14, 2007

On Organization

The next few weeks will be quiet as the holiday season is upon us here at my school.  The students have already fled and the upcoming fortnight is not one that I am looking forward to.

I have to find a way to make my time away from my students productive as I would feel way to guilty to be sitting around and getting paid to do so.  I’ve been seriously thinking about what to do in order to feel okay with myself cashing a check and I have come up with a few projects that will allow me to caching! without a rush of guilt flooding the alluvial plain.

With the projects I have come up with I will have perhaps honestly, a few days of work.  So I will be twiddling thumbs for the remainders.  I will be organizing, retooling the curriculum a bit to allow more interaction and exercises and less lecture style delivery, but still I only have a month of curriculum to retool.  I could do that in my sleep in a couple of naps.  So what am I going to do to use this time away from students to its fullest?  I do not want to waste this time or just kick back and enjoy the kickbacks.


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