Posted by: endithinks | December 12, 2007

On Compasses of the Golden Variety

Last Friday I went and saw the film The Golden Compass. 

It was a fantastic movie that immediately made me go out and buy the novel.  The story was complicated and interesting with plots that reminded me of past books and games that I have played in a good way. 

The acting was superb and the interactions between cg characters and real characters was particularly well done. 

There has been some controversy over the book’s “anti-religious” tendencies that have caused a wide spread email “My goodness gracious don’t see this film it is the devil!” and other such overreacting judgments.  The film is a fantasy adventure about a heroine that is not a “save me” type of princess, but an actual hero who moves the plot forward and actively saves others.

The lead character is a refreshing mixture of bravery, bravado, street smarts and sensitivity and well played by the actress.  The character has wants and needs and does not simply rely on others to fulfill them like so many other female characters in films.  We still have a sexist society unfortunately and it is a wonderful sight to see a strong character that is not “too strong” but real and believable. 

I have sense gotten about 25% into the book and I am very much excited about it.  The characters are fleshed out and fluid, flexible yet stubborn and over all believable and organic.  For fans of Harry Potter and other adventure stories this novel is a great addition.  Before you judge it read it or see it.  Do not just rely on others opinions; judge for yourself.


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