Posted by: endithinks | December 6, 2007

On Resumes and Interviews

A killer resume is the ticket that will often get the interview machine up and about standing on its hands and clapping its feet together in a magnificent display of enthusiasm and excitement.  Yes, it will be new year’s eve in 1999; it will be Billy Crystal looking…like.

The modern day market requires a reexamination of our skill sets.  We must be able to be adaptable life long learners.  If we have only a few things that we know how to do we will be left behind as progress keeps marching on.  Flexibility, the desire to learn and the ability to always push for the next stage are the key components most employers will be looking for. 

Interviews are the end result of a resume that pops.  it is the final stage where you can impress the employer into choosing you over any other candidates.  The interview is an important step that depending on the personality and beliefs of the interviewer will determine whether you have what the company wants or not.

When being interviewed one should pay attention to the interviewer and the type of questions they ask.  If you notice that the interviewer keeps coming back to a particular point that is what they want.  That particular experience of yours or that area of work is what attracted them to you in the first place.  Play it up!  Make sure that you mention that experience in a confidant and friendly manner. 

In an interview one has to be prepared to have answers to difficult questions.  If you have ever been fired, or quit a job without giving two weeks( and then work those two weeks effectively) then you should be prepared for those hard to answer questions.  Have a game plan ready to go and plunge ahead emphasizing the lessons you learned from that situation and how you have grown or learned new appreciation for whatever reason you were asked to leave.  Always be honest, but always look for the way that you have improved and then bring the conversation back into the present and this new opportunity that you have with the interviewing company.


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