Posted by: endithinks | December 6, 2007

On nerves and studying

Tomorrow is the big day when the students in my second class take their big test and show the world how much rock they are uh…rocking.

They are studying now and it is eerily quiet as they toil and search and concentrate.  It is a nice time very peaceful.

In other news I was told by another instructor that one of my students is “bored” in my classroom and doesn’t like the subject matter of success.  I know…but apparently this student thinks that success is not necessary in school or something.  I was a little hurt to tell the truth since I do my very best to be entertaining as most of my students have either just graduated High School or just reentered education after some years, upwards of a couple of decades in a surprising number of cases.

I do impressions, girrate, use funny voices, stimulate deep conversations and even on Wednesdays juggle flaming torches and seven inch long daggers while knee deep in cats and wilder-beasts. 

I am a bit concerned about this student since this course in success is only four weeks long.  If this student cannot delay his gratification for one month how will this student have the discipline in class itself?  The classes are much more challenging when the subject matter is broader and if the student does not have a strong foundation of study skills and professional behaviors they may fail or fall into the “cram” mentality where they study hard the day before the test and then lose all that information after the test is resolved.  I am very worried about that.  The students are going into a field where peoples livelihoods and even potentially their lives are on the line.  How much of a disservice would we be giving to our students if they were not prepared in the world outside academia?

And seriously who doesn’t like juggling wilder-beasts?  I mean come on!


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