Posted by: endithinks | December 4, 2007

On Observations

Starting a new class is definitely interesting.  The first few days are always the same, feeling each other out, making small connections, gravitating towards people that are similar or extremely different.

An interesting phenomenon happens over and over again: people tend to gather in groups that are very similar to themselves, or exact opposites.

One of the most interesting groupings that I have seen is when a mother who is returning to school after ten or fifteen years pairs up with the high school graduate and a friendship is born that is surprisingly strong.

I’ve observed another phenomenon from this unique school’s rolling attendance, classes tend to stay united even when they move on to the other classes in their program.  The small class at the beginning follows them through their other classes here at this school.  Cohorts I believe is the actual term is a very powerful force.  The students that share a similar experience stay together even when the situations cease and change.

I must admit a bit of pleasure at seeing my students team up in their classrooms.  It is like I’m starting a small scale dynasty and I must say I like the boost to the ego.  When successive students from my class go on in their programs they seek out the other students from my class that have gone before them.  I like that very much.  Maybe I am doing some good here after all. 


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