Posted by: endithinks | November 20, 2007

On Missing Students

This week is a vacation for our students.  They are gone for the entire week and the building is eerily quiet.

Yesterday I started work on the new curriculum that I will be responsible for teaching starting next week and that was very interesting.  Medical terminology makes a strange sort of logical sense.  I feel like watching House and actually understanding what they are talking about now!  It is a nice feeling that thing called learning.

So the building is really quiet and everyone is dressed in business casual and the days are dragging by without the life and blood of the students.  It is very very strange how much I miss them.  I haven’t even really connected with this new batch of students yet, but I can’t wait for them to be back.

I think that teaching for me is actually a place that I really enjoy.  Even though the curriculum is repetitive and I have new students every month, I feel contented with the work I am doing.  I think I may have a slight little teeny gift for making people open their eyes a bit wider and clean the dribble off their chins.

Today is cleaning day!  Woo.  I’m going to start with the classroom and wipe down everything then I’m going to get started on the education office which looks like my room at home….not a pretty sight.

Oh we are having a “Holiday” Potluck tomorrow.  I don’t know what I’m going to bring.


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