Posted by: endithinks | November 14, 2007

On new classes…again

This week was the beginning of new classes and it was a great start.  My new group of students seem to be very friendly and I know that I know one of them from some time ago, but I cannot remember where from.

It is a strange feeling to remember someone and then not be able to remember where we knew them from.  I may have dated them…I guess I need to do some thinking about this.

What is the standard protocol for students that you have dated in the past?  (I work with adult students by the way.  All of them at the very least post high school.)  Is there any special way of dealing with them or do you just continue on with the “above reproach” style of teaching that is the only way of ensuring safety in these modern times of education.

Regardless, the new class seems friendly even if one half of the class are introverts and the other half extroverts.  It is amusing since the class is split very evenly down the middle and the groups tend to sit next to each-other.  It is like having headphones on when one side had its wire cut.

This week is a short week as well since there is a teacher in-service this Friday.  I hope that the training is worth the time away from the students.


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