Posted by: endithinks | November 7, 2007

On time management

Today we went on with our discussion of interviewing and resume techniques and tricks of the trade.  the time was crawling when we went on our break but then it began to leap, jostle and push its way faster and faster upon returning from break.

Time management in the classroom is definitely something that takes some very accurate planning and observation of classroom trends. 

Planning is synonymous with “ugh” for me, yet it does serve a very strong purpose.  The planning process while still irritating and slightly mollifying does alleviate ulcers down the line. 

What is my planning process you ask?  “Like ta hear it? Here it goes!”

Firstly I find out how many students I will have in the classroom and then begin to make the copying process take place.  I then figure in extras into the curriculum always over planning for the day.  I then make sure the materials that I need are ready to go and then I put on the improve hat and enter the classroom like a welterweight boxer hungry for the championship match.  I juke, I jive I throw out random humor and stimulate conversation meanwhile I glance over at my coach with his towel draped over his shoulders and his shoulders bobbing up and down in imitation of jabbing and blocking.  He also has a clock for a face.  Sometimes I get too caught up in my match that I don’t hear his yells about the round going too far.  This morning I was too impressed with the fight put up by the subject/students that I happily went over time.  We will have to make up tomorrow.  Oh well, at least the crowd got a good show.

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