Posted by: endithinks | October 30, 2007

On Fluctuating Numbers

This week started with quite a shock.  I was unaware that seven people could morph into two.  I entered the class and only four eyes stared back at me rubbing their arms and whimpering as so many abandoned puppies in a rain shower.

To say that I was disappointed is unnecessary, but I did my best.  Now normally a small class would be nice since my last few have been really big, but two students is very hard to maintain that level of hilarity and humor that has become my trademark.  Combine this fact of two students (I ain’t Socrates dang it!  I need more than Plato and his buddy) and the death trap of the early morning temporal designate and we have a recipe for a very long few weeks.  For the first time today I was looking at the clock and willing the second hand to sprint.

I will have to figure something out and soon.  I don’t want to lose anymore students.  But what should I do?  Most of the class is based around interactiveness.  I have to figure out a way to engage them and make the classroom more fun before the few extra hours of sleep start sounding more appealing.



  1. I thought there were three students, but you actually had only two?! Not that another one would make a huge difference. I know you’ll be able to find a solution for this rather difficult situation. It is certainly a challenge, though. I hope a few more of the original seven who signed up show up today.

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