Posted by: endithinks | October 26, 2007

On Innappropriatenessness

Today we had a rousing discussion about professional subject matters in the workplace, classroom and hallways.

It was an exercise in boiling barely contained tension that punched and kicked at the lid with snarling gnashing teeth.  I set a few hearts aflame with the following comment:

“If you have friends that are criminals, or are dealers abusers of illegal drugs you shouldn’t be talking about them at work and you should really not be their friend at all.  They will drag you down and you are judged by your associations.  Your friends influence your values, beliefs and morals.  Why would you want to be influenced down a self destructive path?”

I then went on to explain that losing and leaving friends that are a negative influence on you is never an easy decision, but it is the adult/mature decision.  Some of the students were definitely resenting these statements, but i know that they know it is correct.  If you want to lift your life up out of the negative self destructive behaviors and attitudes what purpose would those that are choosing to stay in those situations bring you?  How are they going to help you on your journey?

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