Posted by: endithinks | October 25, 2007

On humility

This week we have been learning about stress, finances and healthy choices.  I’ve taught this class now for a while but it is still interesting to see what the new students bring to the table.  (Ooh a pun already!)

This week I tried something new where the students were able to plan their dream vacation with money being no object.  A few examples are probably in order.

One group decided that they would fly to Italy to see the sights (mostly the men driving by on motorcycles) and eat at the fine Italian dining of Olive Garden.  Yes you heard me correctly, they are in Italy and eating at Olive Garden.

I must make a note here that I can talk a good game in almost any situation.  Put some information in front of me and I can convince you that I thought of it myself.  I’m very persuasive and energetic, yet sometimes my mouth is the only active part of my body.

We had a project today to come up with a financial plan handbook that the students could use for themselves and as I was assigning it I thought to myself how much I needed to do a project like this myself.

Now I have done 100x better this year with financial situations.  I’ve gotten my credit card debt down and will be completely debt free (I think) besides student loans which don’t count (the government is very patient, thanks Sammy!) and I’m very proud of that.  Yet sometimes I still find myself behind the “uh-oh” eight ball.

I need to practice what I minister.


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