Posted by: endithinks | October 23, 2007

On second chances

This week is the final week for my second group of students and it is a strange feeling of loss that I am feeling.

I’m not as broken up about them as I was my first group, but I still will miss that familiarity that we have been able to establish.  I really don’t like starting over after every month.

The second class is really starting to come together and the mixture of people is very interesting.  It is nice to see the cultural stone soup take place.  Everyone in there is taking chances and really taking the information to heart.  It is refreshing to see so dedicated a class.

In other news I wrote again last night on the novel for the first time in a while and it felt good.  I know that in order to be an effective writer you have to write all the time.  That is the secret that nearly every professional writer will tell their acolytes. 

“You must write constantly my son.  You must become one with the typing apparatus or the graphite and wood.  You are your words on paper or screen.  Do not deny yourself your very self.”

(Yes I made up that quote.  It does seem like something I should actually follow however.)



  1. Amen!

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