Posted by: endithinks | October 19, 2007

On First Effs

My first “F” happened today in class and I am surprised how devastated I am.

I am very concerned about how the rest of the class started throwing an impromptu celebration and how insensitive they were to those who may not have done as well.

I had to pull out the “stern” teacher aura today for the first time in this class and I think that surprised them quite a bit.  I had to put a stop to the “show my your score and I will show you mine” type of competitive one upmanship before it got to a breaking point.

I think I may have come down a bit hard however and after the break I will apologize for that and show them how proud I was of them.  I need to have a balance between sensitivity and overkill.  I didn’t yell or anything, but I did show a stern face.  I was Mr. Teacher and it felt rather disappointing.


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