Posted by: endithinks | October 11, 2007

On Interviews and “chatty katty”

Today we started mock interviews and it is really nice to have that one on one time with my students. 

Some of the students did not pay attention in our “dress for success” lecture and some of them really were surprised when I told them they were not dressed professionally (sneakers and tank tops anyone?).

Regardless of the clothing malfunctions the interviews went surprisingly well in some cases.  One of the students “Ms. Chatty Katty” let’s call her was extremely shy in the interview and that surprised me very much.  I had to save her a few times when she was on the verge of tears.

Now those who know me know that I am as aggressive as the dali llama on a sunny mountain day, so it surprised me when she responded that way to a very open ended standard question.  What is a work accomplishment you are proud of?

What is it that makes people so nervous in an interview?  What makes a person who normally in class is the first to shout out answers or blow her nose (don’t get me started) be the most shy student when it comes to one on one?

We have spent this entire week devoted to interviewing and resume writing and it is a good strong curriculum that people really should brush up on.   It is a skill set that will very much improve your chances of gainful employment and one that needs to be exercised just like your brains.

Get out those Sudokus and crosswords!  Your brain needs to get on the treadmill.



  1. I’ve been doing a lot of non-mock interviews lately, searching for a new intern. It even got me thinking about my own interview skills. I know I must have done well enough on my last interview as it landed me a job, but I’m now looking at those same questions that I answered about a year ago … and I’m not sure how I would do on them today! It’s easier to say what went well and what can use improvement in someone else’s interview, but this is a skill set that everyone should brush up on periodically – even (and perhaps especially) those who are on the interviewer side of the desk.

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