Posted by: endithinks | October 9, 2007

On pathogens and clear statements

My classes are beginning to really grow on me.  Today was a day where the student who seemed to be falling into the land of dreams almost, just a hint of, nearly seemed interested in what the rest of the class was discussing.

Today we talked about the resume and its many different components.  It was a hollering and a hootin gathering of references, commas and skill sets.  The class was asking questions and a few of their fears were obviously assuaged.  It felt good to see them opening up and taking more chances.  I didn’t have to talk to my student and tell her about her lack of participation being disrespectful and rude.

I think that I will allow nature to take its course when it comes to that particular student.  If this beginning class is so boring then I wonder how she will survive when the information is more practical and down to earth and more demanding.

The human body doesn’ t allow one to coast through it.  It takes real focus and interest to learn all the bones, muscles and nerve villages that make up the wonder that is the body.  I don’t think she will make it if that interest is not sparked.  I’m a bit worried.


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