Posted by: endithinks | October 8, 2007

On halfways and almost and iron chefferey

Today’s morning class was actually engaged! They were asking tough probing questions and I must say it was a nice relief.  it was so good to actually have to think outside of my notes and actually correspond in a dare i say it “dialogue” with my students.

Okay Socrates off.  I actually really did enjoy interacting and it came at just the right time since my first class is going to be concluded at the end of this week.  I will miss them quite a bit to tell the truth and that really surprises me.

I’ve always heard of that mythical connection between students and teachers about it being a life changing, wake up in the morning to go to the ghetto to teach students who don’t really care and who take your lessons and dump them in short term soon to be ejected memory, but I haven’t ever really bought into it.  I guess one too many “Dangerous Minds,” “Stand by me’s” and “Whatever rags to riches teacher reaches the students who have given up” Hollywood claptrap has deadened me to the fact that teachers and students can connect in meaningful ways.

It is nice to see a difference and it makes my heart very light and buttery.

By the way watched “The next Iron Chef” last night and I must say great times.


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