Posted by: endithinks | October 5, 2007

On tiredness and full days

Both my classes did extremely well on the tests that we slogged through this morning.  The first class was finished before i even began to start the stop watch and I had to scramble to grade the papers before they ran out of the room into the night of the upcoming weekend.

I assigned some homework that was actually use-able and in the syllabus and then I began furiously scratching on the tests copying down the correct answers on the oh so challenging multiple choice and matching terror of an exam.

The class did well and I was a bit surprised when not every student got a one hundred percent.  The night before and every day of that week we had reviewed the exact information on the test and I even specified which answers they needed to know.  A few “pay attention to this fact here,” “this is really important,” “notice how I underlined this fact here?” and still a few slipped up their answers.

So what can I do to ensure that my students get all the answers all the time?  I really don’t know if it is my old competitive spirit reaching from the grassy sidelines for that starting spot, or if it is my genuine concern for their education; I’m betting it is a bit of both.

It is quite different to teach all day long.  You are really exhausted after standing, walking and talking all day long.  My throat is getting its cardio in and my feet are in the best shape they’ve been in in a while.  I am handling the pressure and the paperwork with only minor catastrophes and I am really enjoying myself when the students don’t do the good old chin holding my head up thing.  That half concentrating half daydreaming “Dreamtrating” thing.  I have to get used to that and figure out how to combat the urge to drop a book or do a Samuel L Jackson impersonation. 


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