Posted by: endithinks | September 27, 2007

On Mock Interviews

I put on my “professional” bib today and conducted the first in a series of mock interviews (no I didn’t call them noobs and idiots) and I must say the professional bib was on a bit too tight. 

I am a friendly person and it is so hard for me not to listen attentively, unless I’m distracted by pixels and sounds, that I may have been “too” easy on them.

I can’t help being an active listener and I want them to be successful so I did prompt a bit more than I probably should have with my “I’m going to play these interviews straight” warning I gave them.

Some of them were brilliant, some of them were kindalliant and some…were.  It was so tense on some of the interviews as I tried to coach answers out of them without getting up and moving their jaws with my paws.

After the interviews were over we worked on our resumes and I became the techy nerd I’ve always dreamed of becoming.  I knew how to center!  I knew how to use tables!  I knew how to use bullets!  I was an honorary member of geek squad.  It was fun.


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