Posted by: endithinks | September 25, 2007

On buying local

I took a large bite of my veggie burrito and wiped the excess sour cream, which I hate, from my chin and apparently let out a satisfied moan.  A woman on the bench besides me giggled and I snapped my eyes down at the book I was holding in one hand while I gripped the burrito with the other. 

I refocused on the book and chewing and the sour cream, which I hate, kept dribbling down my beginning-to-stubble again-ever-other-week-I- need-to-shave-chin.  I was reading a book called Speed Tribesby Karl Greenfeld, an amazing read by the way, and it dawned on me how often I support local business.

The burrito came from a small taco van that is run by a local man and his family.  The van is efficient and full of food making ingredients, tools and not enough space to waltzes…

The family is friendly and bilingual, how I envy those that speak more than their native tongue, and they make a killer burrito.  (Before you judge someone who is bilingual think of the trials and problems they had to overcome.  They are running a business in a foreign country!  How many of us do that?  Why is our native language more impressive than someone who learned a different language than their own?  How many languages do you speak?)

I tend to look for the locally owned businesses and try to be an expected patron.  The business people who make up the back bone and guts of our society are the mom and pop shops, the one or two in existence type of businesses.  They are the ones who are connected to the community and give back in the form of jobs, taxes and local events.  They are the ones who need to be supported by the conscious person.  Instead of swinging into the drive in lane of the multinational arteries terrifying fast food joints, give the local taco or filafal van a try.  You may be surprised on the quality of not only the food, but the service and cost.


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