Posted by: endithinks | September 24, 2007

On First Tests

I got in this morning and ran to my in-box.  I pulled out the test that a co-worker had proctored for me and ran to my desk.  I didn’t even take off  my sweater.

I pulled out the answer sheet and started the horrifying and heart palpitating work of grading.  Not since I was student teaching did I think I was more nervous than the students.  I was obsessing with the grades all weekend and kept asking myself “What if they fail? What if it is too easy?  Will they not study or take notes anymore?”

I didn’t write the test and that fact was making me weary.  I was nervous about the validity of the test as we covered a large amount of material and a multiple choice, matching test only tests your ability to peel a banana.

The class did wonderful and everyone got an “A” or a “B.”  I was very proud of their hard work and their flexibility.

This morning after running around the school saying “my class are so smart!” to everyone that would listen, I started planning for the upcoming week’s class.

The curriculum was scattered here and there like leaves on a forest floor and I spent about an hour retyping, copying and gathering the materials that we needed to cover this week.  I also had to put together the lesson plans as that wasn’t discovered until I was two lines from writing my own.

With more practice and familiarity this will all come easier and faster.  When I student taught I had to make the curriculum, lesson plans, and assessments myself.  Now I just have to follow something that is already made for me down to the suggested phrases.

I’m a good banana peeler.


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