Posted by: endithinks | September 11, 2007

On Leadership

An epidemic is sweeping through the work place, an epidemic of miss-communication and assumption.

The rumors are flying through the air and no one seems to know the actual truth about a myriad of issues. 

The issues are not the basic drama laden issues of who said what to whom, but of basic functions and expectations.

There is a festival this weekend that the company I work for is going to be involved with.  The festival will feature various booths and participants and the company is listed as planned on attending.  Unfortunately, no one here knows what the plan for our booth is going to be. 

The leadership is out of town on a second summer vacation and the vacuum of leadership is sucking up the confidence, morale and efficiency of the workplace.

Leadership in a business is more than a title that one places on one’s chest.  It is the effective communication and implementation of the business practices that allow a business to succeed in more than just a bottom line way.

Group morale and a sense of purpose are two major tenets of leadership and if those two foundational needs are not met, or even acknowledged in some cases (I call this the “Blind Manager Syndrome BMS), then the business will disintegrate in a series of employee quittings (is quittings even a word?) and customer dissatisfaction.

The morale of any given work place is the lifeblood of an organization.   High morale can help the organization recruit and retain high quality staff, improve productivity (with a nod towards more slacking being taken into an account as more employees make friendships) increase customer satisfaction and improve the bottom line.

Recruiting and retaining high level employees is easily done when the current environment of an organization is positive, challenging and open.  Proper communication, risk taking, and trust are all bonuses of an organization that has a high morale.  People wish to come to work and their enthusiasm spills into their work, their service to customers and their treatment of their fellow employees.

Productivity is increased when the work is rewarding and challenging.  The work takes on a personal vibe to it when the situation at work is positive and uplifting.  Work becomes pride, or play and the amount of work done is increased as the pleasure from said work increases. 

The key component of being an effective leader is in communication: open, honest, forthcoming communication in every aspect that is permitted allows the employees to understand and know what is expected of them, what their roles are, and how they can help the company succeed.  An informed worker makes smarter choices, is more motivated, and feels part of an effective team, not just a cog in a rusted machine.

A leader listens and tells, discusses and dictates all in a professional manner with her employees.  She does not put down, yell, or even worse be silent.  Silence is the scourge of morale. 

Communication is multi-layered and centered on cooperation and respect.  It is focused on not only the outcome, but on the process itself.  A true leader is one who can accept and give communication without pulling rank, without intimidation and with a sense of honesty.



  1. Excellent note. ‘Leaders’ are aware that connecting with people and open + honest communication is the tool, but this skill is rarely used. Its good refreshing note to remind ‘leaders’ who have been buried under the daily work routines – to remind what really matters!

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