Posted by: endithinks | September 10, 2007

On Snacking

I am a snacker.  If I do not have some sort of food in my mouth I won’t eat for days.  I have done a real reevaluation of my health and come to the conclusion that my former method of eating, one big meal a day in the evening and a pathetic excuse for a lunch, was not working.  I was in starvation mode.

So I have sense gone to snacking like I used to do as a younger person.  I don’t really know why I stopped eating besides the thinly veiled image issues (don’t ask and I won’t tell) so it was nice to get back into the bite of things. (Who can name the two really bad puns?)

So that brings me to today’s discussion about eating at work.  During meetings  I am constantly snacking and drinking, all healthy snacks of course, and it was brought to my attention by other staff that they thought that was unprofessional.

Now the snacks in question were the quiet type of snacks.  The type of snacks that you would pull out for grandma and her bridge playing buddies on a meek Tuesday night.  They were well behaved, showered, and kind snacks that wouldn’t do harm to a mosquito even if it was buzzing in their ears and whispering secrets about all the animals in the kingdom.  These were nice snacks.  I responded that the snacking was okay due to the niceness of my snacks and the healthy choices I was showing to the passing students.  We are supposed to be examples of good behaviors, healthy choices, and other platitudes so I thought live it don’t say it.  I was eating healthily.

I have always taken food at meetings.  I can focus on the goings ons easier that way when my hands and jaws are moving around in a happy tango.  I also take the best notes and my employer has often requested copies of my notes so that they may use them on their next presentation (true story once my employer looking at my notes said to me “I said that?  Wow I know more than I look!”).

So what is the protocol if the snacking is quiet, unsmelly, and unobtrusive?  I think if the food is a healthy choice than bring it to the table and share the bounty from the horn.  Plenty of horn bounty sharing is a must.


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