Posted by: endithinks | September 7, 2007

On healthy eating

I know that Starbucks is not the most healthy of choices.  I know this up here, but today I learned it in the most visceral way when I logged on to the Starbucks website and looked up the nutritional values of my Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Can you say “Yowza!”

Now I love Starbucks I really do, but I need to do a bit of reevaluating my intake.  It is going to be limited to a weekend treat only.  I am now switching from coffee to tea.  I mean I love tea as well, it has been a staple drink of mine since I was a child (I used to drink hot tea even in the summer following the example from my mom), but now tea shall be the morning drink of choice, that or juice.

Eating wise I do very well.  I do not eat fast food during the week and when I do eat it during the weekend, I go to places that either use organic ingredients or I order from the “this won’t fill your heart with dread” category.  Still there are a few things that I should do better at.

1.  Eat more fruit.

I do tend to get some fruit from my breakfast which usually consists of some whole grain cereal and some dried fruit like raisins or cranberries.  I then eat fruit throughout my work day by eating fruit and peanut snacks and eating a banana or two throughout the day.  This week has been a bad week for the healthy, but I do a good job most other days.

2.  Use less sugar.

I love sweet things and I usually dump in more sugar than coffee when I do drink coffee.  This needs to stop.  See above for reasons.  I am switching full time to tea and honey.  Honey is the wonderful.

3.  Watch my portions

This is the problem if I have to narrow it down.  I tend to eat large sizes and until recently thought that a larger portion of good food is okay…it is not.

Most of us eat way too large of portions.  My worst offender is cheese.  I love cheese and although the portions for a serving of cheese is 2 tablespoons (that’s barely a nip!)  I tend to use more than that. 

I’m refocusing on shoring up my few eating weaknesses.  I will continue to increase my level of fitness.

Take a look at the Calorie Counter.  Use it if if will serve you.



  1. If you like good quality coffee, it’s good all by itself. Different flavors become apparent at different temperatures, with the tongue becoming more important than the nose as it cools. Black coffee’s great, and guiltless.

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