Posted by: endithinks | August 31, 2007

The Withering

Anyone who has been in the education field knows that the field is filled with wilting, sun starved flowers and marauding aphids cutting down anything in their path.  The aphids come in multiple shapes and sizes, not just the typical green small crawly types, but the large socially unnacceptable shunning types.

Metaphors are like Similes…. moving on.

The education field is aptly named as it is in that field that the minds and souls of youth and adult alike grow from seedlings to trees, from dew collecting shrubs to vines stretching across the cosmos.  The field where people learn to be people.  It is a field that is challenging and rought with danger around every corner, from television, video games (my personal aphid if you get my metaphor), low educational budgets, to uninspired overworked teachers and a public that wants accountability not on their shoulders but on Buck’s over there (yet another Metaphor, I am full of them this morning).

How then does a teacher and the whole field in general continue to thrive if the rising teachers wings are made of cheap wax and feathers and the sun of accountability, no child left behind and pointing fingers is scorching them, melting them as they try to ascend?  The fact is they aren’t. 

Read this article here.

What are we going to do about this problem in the field?  What exactle are the aphids cutting it down?

Aphids=Lack of support both publically and in the individual districts of the teachers, monetary compensation is a joke for the amount of work being a teacher is, teaching is a high risk job not only physically (the rare but occuring school violence) but mentally as well as teachers are in a unique situation where accusation equals termination.  The aphids also come in the form of poorly trained students who have no parental or familiaral guidance and those who have serious mental and health conditions that most teachers are ill equipped to handle.

It is a time of challenge and that challenge will continue unless we seize it and bring the light to the public about the actual tenous reality of our teachers and the education process in general.  If we do not stand up, scream and shout, get to know our kids’ teachers, make an effort to be a parent that knows what is going on in their schools, and get the word to our elected officials that holding a carrot in front of our faces while pulling it away as we reach for it does not make for better teachers.  It just makes us look like…well continue the metaphor.


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