Posted by: endithinks | August 30, 2007

On Educational Skills

The last few days I’ve noticed something about the amount of educational skills that some of the students I work with have, or lack.  Basic foundational skills such as typing, using a computer, resume building, and professionalism seem to be the biggest challenges for the majority of them.

I’ve also noticed that I have started to judge a bit based on those levels of skills about the person underneath them.  That is a shame and something that I will erradicate from myself.  Judgement is never good unless you wear a long black robe, have a hammer and can pound on a desk whenever you feel like it.

So with that said, I will now muse about how to alleviate said deficiencies in the students’ skills.

First of all I think that remedial keyboarding/computer usage should be mandatory if the skills are completely unknown.  Most of the programs offered have to use a computer in order to function.  The days of the non computer user is quickly fading to maybe not black, but at least a deep indigo.

Secondly, professionalism.  This is a catch all phrase that people throw out to haul in all types of fish: Attendance Rainbow Trout, Appropriate Carp,  or even Harrasement Flat fish.  But what I mean when I say professionalism, is an overall attititude of giving, learning, respect, and comradrie.

So how to improve these wide ranges of human actions?  That is the question.  And it aint just slings and arrows let me tell you.


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