Posted by: endithinks | August 29, 2007

The Virtue of Patience

We have all heard the saying “Patience is a virtue,” but what we rarely hear is “Don’t ask for Patience and you will never have to have it.”

I made the some would call it error, of asking for more patience in my life and of course patience being a muscle, you have to work out in order to pump up.

Lately in my work I have been in a sort of Patience Probation as student after student has been asking the sort of questions that one would normally think was a joke in their simplicity.  Now there is no such thing as a stupid question that is true.  I have just been noticing lately that the questions are starting to get the old “Oh come on!” style of  mental completely internalized comments.  I do have some control after all.

Patience is a wonderful thing in most cases.  It allows one to see beyond the knee jerk reactions and annoyance to the gem underneath.  It allows that meeting that could drag on to infinity seem almost laughable.  It makes one dig to the core of issues and projects by forcing one to concentrate and wait out the inevetible sourness to any sour patch kid. 

Harness the strength of patience even if the practice of it makes you want to experiment with over the counter athletic “enhancements.”


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